40K&80K Java Card Smart Card jcop card with J2A040 chip
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  • Packing: 2000pcs per carton
  • MOQ: 200pcs

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 40K&80K Java Card Smart Card jcop card with J2A040 chip model

Material : PVC
Size :  85.5*54mm as credit card
Printing :Silk-screen printing, CMYK printing, laser printing ,UV,serial number,etc
Chip Model :J2A040,J2A080/J2D081,J3A041,J3A081/J3D081,J2L040,J3H081
Magnetic stripe :With 2 track 8.4mm or 3 track 12.7mm HICO or LOCO magnetic stripe for your choice

JCOP card only be used by the professional software engineers who know how to develop.
Before purchasing the JCOP cards, please make sure you can program and operate the JAVA card with TK and ATR to work!

We can provide the cards with initialization for you! Set ATR as your requirement , 
such as:T=0
, ATR:  3B 6E 00 00 00 31 C0 71 C6 65 42 2C 01 35 35 83 90 00
T=1, ATR: 3B F8 13 00 00 81 31 FE 45 4A 43 4F 50 76 32 34 31
If you need the cards with initialization, Please let me know the ATR value before purchasing . 

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