EM4325 18000-63 Type C / 18000-64 Type D (Gen2/TOTAL) RFID TAG
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UHF chipsets normally made into smart tags, for more information about them, please contact: sales@smartcardrfidtag.com



EM4325 is a Class-3 Generation-2 (Gen2) IC that is

compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-63, ISO/IEC 18000-64

(TOTAL), and EPCTM Class-1 Generation-2. The chip offers

an advanced feature set leading to a performance beyond

that of standard Gen2 chips and can be either battery

powered or beam powered by the RF energy transmitted

from a reader. In a battery assisted passive (BAP)

configuration, the EM4325 offers superior reading range and

reliability compared to purely passive RFID solutions.

EM4325 includes 4096 bits of high speed non-volatile

memory (EEPROM) that is organized into 64 pages with 4

words per page. The chip supports either ISO or EPCTM data

structures that are compliant with EPCglobal Tag Data

Standards, Version 1.8, and is delivered with a Unique

Identifier (UID) to ensure full traceability.

An integrated temperature sensor is included in the EM4325

and supports the temperature range from -40C to +60C.

The temperature sensor may be used in either purely

passive or BAP applications. Temperature readings can be

made on demand by a reader or the chip may be

programmed to perform self-monitoring with alarm


EM4325 supports advanced applications by providing

programmable external interfaces for an auxiliary function

and a 4-bit I/O port. The auxiliary function may be configured

as an input for tamper detection or as an output for

notification of RF events to external devices. The 4-bit I/O

may be configured to support 4 discrete signals or as a

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus. The chip may serve as

either an SPI Master device or an SPI Slave device. The

programmable external interfaces allow the EM4325 to

function as an RF front end and protocol handler in

advanced RFID tags or embedded applications. In a

passive configuration, the programmable external interfaces

allow the EM4325 to serve as a SPI Master with energy

harvesting and provide power to external components.

Battery supply management is provided to prolong battery

life in BAP applications. The chip supports programmable

duty cycle control, auto-switching between battery powered

and beam powered operation, and programmable

enable/disable of an ultra-low power mode for extended

storage applications.


 ISO 18000-63 (Gen2) & 18000-64 (TOTAL) compliant

 EPCTM Gen2 compliant

 AIAGTM B-11 compliant

 ATA Spec 2000 Low Memory Tag compliant

 4096-bit non-volatile memory (EEPROM)

 48-bit manufacturer programmed IC Serial Number

 352 bits for UII/EPC encoding

 3072 bits for User data / 3008 bits for TOTAL data

 128-bit Register File

 BlockErase and BlockWrite commands for high speed

memory transactions

 BlockPermalock command for User memory

 Forward link data rates: 26.7 to 128 kbps assuming

equiprobable data

 Return link data rates: 40 to 640 kbps with subcarrier

modulated data rates of 0.625 to 320 kbps

 TOTAL data rates: 64, 128, 160, 256, or 320 Kbps

 Coordinated Universal Time Clock (UTC)

 Integrated temperature sensor: -40C to +60C with

typical accuracy of ±1.0C over the full range and

±0.6C over the typical range for cold chain

 Programmable monitoring and alarm conditions for

temperature sensor including time stamp

 Programmable auxiliary function: input for tamper

detection or output for notification of RF events

 Programmable 4-bit I/O port: configurable as 4 discrete

signals or as a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus

 Battery assistance for superior reading range and

reading reliability

 Rectifier that allows purely passive operation in case the

battery is flat or not present

 Battery supply management to prolong battery life

 Battery supply range: 1.25V to 3.6V

 Low battery alarm threshold: 1.3V or 2.2V

 Extended temperature range: -40C to +85C


 RFID tags:

Supply chain management, tracking and tracing,

reusable containers and pallets, access control,

asset control, cold chain monitoring, sensor monitoring,

E-seals, Gen2 side-channel for active RFID tags

 RFID front end for embedded applications:

Gen2 communications channel for wireless data

exchange, configuration and control, RF event


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