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SLE66R01P, SLE66R01PN, SLE66R35, SLE66R35E7, SLE66RXXP, SLE66RXXS, Personal identification - simply moving people

Proximity Range Products are designed to operate up to 10 cm.
Infineon has a range of ISO/ IEC 14443 Type A compliant products which do not need a battery but extract all their energy for operation and communication from the RF field. They communicate with a high speed data rate up to 848 kbit/s to the reader, and at 106 kbit/s from reader.

The range of devices starts from small ICs dedicated for ticketing applications up to products with 4 kbyte of user memory for personal ID, so a huge variety of different applications can be addressed. Data can be secured using the international established Mifare technology or the my-d crypto algorithm. The my-d proximity family is ideally suited for the upcoming NFC market as they are fully compliant with NFC Forum Type 2 Tag Operation.


Transport: Limited use tickets or period passes
Access control and event management
Loyalty cards
NFC enabled applications such as posters or stickers

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