TI256/ TI2048 SMART CARD from Tag-it ™ company TI256/ TI2048 Card Manufacture
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General Description

Tag-it(Ti256/ Ti2048) HF-I Standard/ Plus Transponder IC is part of TI’s 13.56 MHz product family which is based on the ISO/ IEC 15693 standard for contactless integrated circuit cards (vicinity cards) and ISO/IEC 18000-3 standard for item management. The Tag-it HF-I Standard/ plus Transponder IC builds the basis for various available inlay shapes which are used as consumable smart labels in markets requiring quick and accurate identification of items.

User data is written to and read from memory blocks using a non-volatile EEPROM silicon technology. Each block is separately programmable by the user and can be locked to protect data from modification. Once the data has been ‘locked’ then it cannot be changed.

To give some examples, information about delivery checkpoints and timing, place of origin/ destination, pallet assignments, inventory numbers and even transportation routes can be coded into the transponder.

Multiple transponders, which appear in the Readers RF field, can be identified, read from and written to by using the Unique Identifier (UID), which is programmed and locked at the factory.


Asset tagging
Electronic ticketing
Anti-counterfeit prevention
Distribution logistics and supply chain management
Building access badges
Express parcel delivery
Airline boarding pass and baggage handling

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