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UHF Animal Tag Ear Tag Identify animal information RFID Animal Ear Tag for Cow and Sheep
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The animal ear tag includes Female button and Male button. RFID chip has been packaged inside the round surface of Female button. Male button supports and fixes Female button at the ear of animal. The packaging material is non-toxic Environmentally friendly plastic. This tag is Anticorrosion, Waterproof, Sunproof, etc.

Material: TPU / PU (Polyurethanes) / PET
Chip Type: UHF, such as NXP Gen2 serials, Alien H3, Monza 4QT,  etc. 
Protection: IP67
Operating temperature: -20
to +50
Color: Yellow, Purple white, or Custom

Identify animal information, including Pig, Cow, Sheep, Dog, Horse, etc

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