high temperature resistance and stable performance Alien H3 Self destructive Windshield Tag
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Self destructive Ceramic tag uses composite ceramic substrate, which has high temperature resistance, stable performance, and when combining with the automobile glass can obtain excellent read performance. Once the tag is removed from the vehicle windshield, the tag fails, immediately stop using, so it can prevent illegal demolition of tag.



Material: Ceramic + ABS housing + Transparent Silicone Adhesive

Chip: Alien H3

Size: 86x54x0.64mm

Weight: 12g/pc

Protocol: ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2

Frequency: 860-960MHz

Memory: EPC-96 bits, User-512 bits , TID-64 bits

Reading Range: 0-15m (depend on Reader)

Shelf life: 10 years

Operating Temp : -40 to +85

Storage Temp: -40 to +110



Silk screen Printing



Logistics and warehouse management: goods flow and warehousing management, mail, parcels and luggage flow management.

Intelligent parking lot management: car park management and vehicle management and automation.

Product line management: the identification of fixed-point production process.

Products anti-counterfeiting inspection: using the tag memory write protection function, to identify product authenticity.

Weighing system: identify the vehicle weighing information, especially there is no one to keep the value of the weighing system.

Transportation vehicle management: bus stops and parking management; Sand cars, Cement vehicle, such as car transportation number identification management.

Meeting attendance, VIP club, library, student status, consumption management, attendance management, dining, swimming pool management system

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