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laundry management RFID silicone laundry tag used on other High-temperature working environment and Medical Logistics
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34X16X1.2mm (UHF Alien 9620)

55X10X1.8mm (UHF Alien 9610)

50X15X1.8mm (UHF Alien 9610)

100X15X1.8mm (UHF Alien 9640)

80X25X2.0mm (UHF Alien 9662)

81X20X2.3mm (UHF Alien 9630)

108X25X2.2mm (UHF Alien 9654)

45X30X2.0mm (HF / UHF)

80X50X2.2mm (HF / UHF)


Material: Silicone

Operating temp: -50℃ to +200℃

High Tempeature Resistance

Waterproof, Dustproof

Acid and Alkali Resistance

High Pressure Resistance

Corrosion Resistance



Silk screen printing

Laser Numbering

UHF860-960MHz or HF 13.56MHz



Soft Laundry tag is widely using for laundry management and High Temperature working environment and so on, tagging for washing, sewing and ironing. Also used on other High-temperature working environment and Medical Logistics.

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