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/Custom 13.56MHz FM1208 silicone rfid magnetic wristband

Custom 13.56MHz FM1208 silicone rfid magnetic wristband

Custom RFID wristband for any event. Add custom logos, text and patterns. China Leading RFID Wristband Factory.

  • Material:

  • Frequency:

  • Operating temp:

    -30℃ to +75℃
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Custom 13.56MHz FM1208 silicone rfid magnetic wristband

Product Description

Flexible, comfortable to wear, easy to use, waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof, shockproof, and resistance to high temperature.




Round watch

Size & Weight

Large Size: Diameter 74mm, Weight 19g/pc


Middle Size: Diameter 70mm, Weight 18g/pc


Small Size: Diameter 65mm, Weight 15g/pc


Baby Size: Diameter 45mm, Weight 13g/pc

Material Color

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Purple, or custom color

Operating Temp

-30℃ to +75℃

Waterproof, Dustproof



1. Silk screen printing LOGO, or NUMBER


Chip Description:

FM1208 high intelligent non-contact CPU card, not only with high security, large capacity and other advantages, but also a wide range of compatibility.This product conforms to ISO14443 Type A standard and ISO/IEC 7816-5, and can be compatible with existing non-contact logic plus Mica, such as S50 widely used in the market, is very convenient to upgrade and expand under existing applications.Especially suitable for the smooth transition from the widely used contactless logical encryption card application to the contactless CPU card application, which can satisfy the customer at the minimum cost Security requirements.

The CPU card with COS is equivalent to a micro computer, which not only has the function of data storage, but also provides

There are command processing, computing and data encryption functions.The system can be flexibly changed according to the actual application situation, and different applications can be customized for customers according to their different needs. For different applications, the COS can be modified and upgraded for different applications Extension.


It is widely used in Amusement Park, School, Club, Event, Bus, Access Control, Outdoor Operation, where is very wet environment. It will work well after being soaked in water for a long time, or harsh environment conditions.


Detailed Picture

silicone rfid magnetic wristband

Company Information    

We are one of the most professional manufacturer of contact and contactless smart cards, smart tags and RFID reader. Since 2000, we provided billions of smart card/ RFID tag to our clients worldwide every year.

We established the important partnership with the major semiconductor companies worldwide. We have large-scale lamination production line and low-cost smart labels production line,flip chip line and advanced personalization equipment and digital printing machines.

We established the important partnership with the major semiconductor companies worldwide, such as NXP, EM, TI, ST, Impinj, ATMEL, INSIDES, JEWEL, as well as Fudan Microelectronics, Huahong Group.

In order to provide the high quality and best service to our customers, D & H SMARTID was established. 

Over the past decades, D & H SMARTID has expanded its services, and products. Today D & H SMARTID can deliver smart card/ RFID Tag solutions and innovative services which help you and your customers to communicate in new and interesting ways.

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