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  • Access Control

    Access Control

    There are a number of applications for RFID being developed for access control.  The fastest growing are for personnel access, gate control, and parking facilities.     Personnel Access In its most common form, RFID access for personnel may simply be the inclusion of an RFID tag ...

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  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Companies across a broad spectrum of industries rely on critical assets to drive their business. While these asset types across industries may be varied, there is still a common need for effective management. Any item that is a part of the work process but does not leave as part of a finished produc...

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  • Transportation


    As globalization increases and the time and distance between the point of manufacturing and the point of consumption increases, so does the need for these companies to improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce costs and ultimately provide better customer service. With rising demands for the...

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  • NFC


    NFC technology is a standards-based wireless communication technology that allows data to be exchanged between devices that are a few centimeters apart. NFC operates at 13.56 MHz and transfers data at up to 424 Kbits/second.   NFC is distinguished by its intuitive interface and its ability to e...

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  • Wearable Smart Tag

    Wearable Smart Tag

    Wearable Smart tag, RFID wristbands for example, easily replace the cards, for your convenience, the lowest risk of loss and water resistance. For this application, the RFID wristband is given to the user when it arrives, and configured with the services you have hired. This type of RFID wristbands,...

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