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Wearable Smart Tag

Wearable Smart Tag


Wearable Smart tag, RFID wristbands for example, easily replace the cards, for your convenience, the lowest risk of loss and water resistance.

For this application, the RFID wristband is given to the user when it arrives, and configured with the services you have hired. This type of RFID wristbands, allows control of access to the pool and spa area, but also the opening of the lock of the room or apartment.The user can navigate the complex all facilities to which access without worrying about losing the RF bracelet or damage that may occur to the chip, its water resistance allows you to take both pools, and showers.

Used RFID wristbands are also easy to apply and remove, so the user can save them in a bag when you leave the resort.

This application also fit in sports, where RFID wristbands allow access control to various services. May also include opening lockers.

In this case we have used RFID digital locks for the doors of rooms and access to the spa area and a terminal RFID access control to the pool. RFID wristbands and silicone are used with adjustable closure.

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