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/EM4305 smart card EM Marine card Proximity card

EM4305 smart card EM Marine card Proximity card

EM4305 card, iso proximity card, EM Marine card
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General Description

EM4205/ 4305 is a CMOS integrated circuit intended for use in electronic Read/ Write RF transponders. It is suitable for low cost solutions like animal tagging applications.

The main difference between the EM4205 and EM4305:
- EM4305 are bumped with enlarged pads for the two coil inputs. The enlarged bumped pads of the EM4305 transponder are intended for direct antenna connection avoiding the need of a module.
- EM4305 offers a 330pF resonant capacitor version.

The IC is powered by picking up energy from a continuous 125 kHz magnetic field via an external coil, which together with the integrated capacitor form a resonant circuit. The IC reads out data from its internal EEPROM and sends it out by switching on and off a resistive load in parallel to the coil using a large modulation index. Commands and EEPROM data updates can be executed by 100% AM modulation of the 125 kHz magnetic field.

The EM4205/4305 supports bi-phase and Manchester data encodings. The EM4205/4305 operating modes are stored in the EEPROM configuration word. All EEPROM words can be write-protected by setting protection bits. The IC contains a factory programmed 32 bit unique identifier number (UID).

* 512 bit EEPROM organized in 16 words of 32 bit
* 32 bit unique identifier (UID)
* 32 bit Password read and write protection
* ISO 11784 / 11785 Standard Compliant
* Lock feature converts EEPROM words into Read Only
* Two data encodings: Manchester and Bi-phase
* Multi-purpose data rate: 8, 16, 32, 40 and 64 RF clocks
* Reader Talk First feature
* Compatible with EM4469/ EM4569 communication protocol
* 100 to 150 kHz frequency range
* On-chip rectifier and voltage limiter
* No external supply buffer capacitor needed
* -40°C to +85°C temperature range
* Very low power consumption
* Enlarged bumped pads (200 μm x 400 μm) for direct connection of coil (EM4305)
* EM4205: 2 resonant capacitor versions 210pF or 250pF selectable by mask option
* EM4305: 3 resonant capacitor versions 210pF, 250pF or 330pF selectable by mask option
* Available in plastic extremely thin small outline package; 2 terminals; body 1.1 x 1.4 x 0.46 mm

Animal Identification according to ISO FDX-B
Pigeon races standard
Waste management standard (BDE)
Access Control

Time Attendance

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