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/Hitag S256 Hitag S2048 smart card

Hitag S256 Hitag S2048 smart card

Hitag S2048 smart card, Hitag S256 card, Hitag S2048 card
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General Description

HitagS256/ HitagS2048, The protocol and command structure for HitagS is based on Hitag1, including anticollision algorithm. The Hitag product line is well known and established in the contactless identification market.

Due to the open marketing strategy of NXP Semiconductors there are various manufacturers well established for both the transponders / cards as well as the Read/Write Devices. All of them supporting Hitag1 and Hitag2 transponder IC's. With the new HITAG S family, this existing infrastructure is extended with the next generation of IC’s being substantially smaller in mechanical size, lower in cost, offering more operation distance and speed, but still being operated with the same reader infrastructure and transponder manufacturing equipment.


One Protocol - two memory options.

Two different memory sizes are offered and can be operated using exactly the same protocol.


HitagS256 with 256 bit Total Memory Read/ Write

HitagS2048 with 2048 bit Total Memory Read/ Write



* Integrated Circuit for Contactless Identification Transponders and Cards

* Integrated resonance capacitor of 210 pF with ±5 % tolerance over full production

* Frequency range 100 kHz to 150 kHz.

* Full compliant to ISO 11784/85 Animal ID

* Targeted to operated on hardware infrastructure of new upcoming standards

* ISO 14223 (Animal ID with anticollision and read/write functionality)

* ISO 18000-2 (AIDC Techniques-RFID or Item Management)

* Supports German Waste Management Standard and Pigeon Race Standard

* 32 bit Unique Identification Number (UID)

* 48 bit secret key based encrypted authentication



Animal Identification

Laundry Automation

Beer keg and gas cylinder logistic

Pigeon Race Sports

Brand Protection Applications

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