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/J3R110 smart java card for payment card

J3R110 smart java card for payment card

The J3R110 smart Java card for payment cards is a programmable dual interface SecID version.

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Programmable Dual interface SecID version smart java J3R110 card for payment card

Java Smart Card characteristics
Size:85.5*54mm as credit card, with or without SIM cut
Thickness:0.84mm as credit card
Printing:Blank white or Silk-screen printing, CMYK printing, laser printing ,UV,serial number,etc
Chip:Original J3D081, J3H081, J3H145, J3R100, J3R110, J3R150
Frequency:13.56Mhz/ ISO 7816
Magnetic stripe & printing:with Hico magnetic stripe,barcode card, blank card /with customized printing on both sides.
Production lead time:15 days for less than 100,000pcs
Payment terms:T/T, West-Union, Alibaba Trade assurance or Paypal

Packing details
200 pieces into a white box, then 10 boxes to a carton or custom on demand

CPU smart card,single interface , contact java card,dual interface, dual frequency card
Java Card technology provides a secure environment for applications that run on smart cards and other trusted devices with very limited memory and processing capabilities. Multiple applications can be deployed on a single card, and new ones can be added to it even after it has been issued to the end user. Java Card also includes a set of unique tools for developing new products.

Java Card aims at defining a standard smart card computing environment allowing the same Java Card applet to run on different smart cards.

JCOP card only be used by the professional software engineers who know how to develop and use.
So  ,before purchasing the JCOP cards, please make sure you can programming and operate the JAVA card which run the TK and ATR to work!

  • We can be fully initilized the cards for you!
  • JCOP with its different versions (J2A..., J3A... etc.) is compliant with the Visa OpenPlatform Card Implementation Requirements Configuration.
  • You can buy samples and test before placing an order.
  • This high level, but low priced JCOP J2A080 - J2D081 JAVA smart card is targeted to innovative smartcard-applications at the intersection of the payment, ID, loyalty and eHealth markets.
  • The J3A is an implementation of the Java Card 2.2.2 and Global Platform 2.1.1 basic specifications and is ISO 7816 and EMV 2000 compliant where required.
  • J3A081/J3D081 is the dual-interface (contact/contactless) edition of JCOP. This product is targeted at the intersection of the banking, ID and transport markets. The support for a contactless interface makes this JCOP a highly convenient and integrative software.
  • J2L040 support for EMV,  J3R110 support SecID, J3R150 support EMV.

All types of java smart card for choice.Please contact us for more information about the latest JAVA version.
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If you have any questions, please leave the message, we will reply you soon.