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/Long range rfid reader with 125KHz EM cards

Long range rfid reader with 125KHz EM cards

EM long range reader, long range reader, 125KHz rfid reader
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EM-100T is long range contactless induce reader which frequency is 125KHZ,Professional designed to read 4001,outputing through Weigan26,Weigan34,Weigan42,ABA TRACK2 10digit,ABA TRACK2 14digit or RS232. After read the information then output though DATA0,DATA1,CP and RS232.


Product specification:




Operating frequency


Readable range

Long Range Clamshell Card 60~80CM


Technical parameter :


Operating voltage


Consumption current

200mA(12V) MAX


Output format :



ABA TRACK2(10digit\14digit)


Advantage of EM-100T:
In the present market, the most quality problem of reader is unstable,the readable range will shorten or
have no reaction after a period use, it is inconvenient for user.
EM-100T produced on the basis of stability,uselife and anti-jamming, every reader should test under
high temperature for 72 hours to guaranteen the quality.

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