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/NXP JCOP 4 Java Card 3.0.5 Classic J3R180 JCOP chip card

NXP JCOP 4 Java Card 3.0.5 Classic J3R180 JCOP chip card

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The JCOP 4 is NXP Semiconductors N.V. latest 3rd generation SmartMX platform built for the digital services era to provide advanced security and privacy protection for citizen IDs, ePassports, payment and access management applications. The JCOP 4 operating system runs on the latest Java Card 3.0.5 Classic with GlobalPlatform 2.3.

Uncompromising on performance and security, the platform is optimized to create future-proof secure microprocessors required for secure identity and payment applications where protection of personal identifiable information (PII)and other private data are paramount.

SmartMX3 products build on the proven and reliable IntegralSecurity 2.0 architecture, which demonstrates worldwide interoperability and standard compliance. The new generation of NXP’s proven and reliable SmartMX microcontroller family delivers the highest security and best-in-class performance across all target applications. The powerful P71D321 security controller is the first solution released in the new SmartMX3 family and is Common Criteria EAL6+ certified.

The SmartMX3 P71D321 secure element platform does not only provide a first-choice hardware solution but also offers built-in high-performance libraries for communication, memory control, and cryptography modules to enhance performance and significantly shorten development cycles. Moreover, NXP® is offering a full system solution powered by JCOP operating system. Running JCOP 4 on the P71D321 guarantees a perfect match of hardware and software capabilities resulting in excellent performance figures and enabling the fastest time to market approach for upcoming security solutions.


EMV: J2R100, J2R150, J2R200, J3R100, J3R150, J3R200

SECID: J2R110, J2R150, J2R180, J3R110, J3R150, J3R180

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