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THD89-F350A dual-interface smart card java card

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THD89-F350A is a 32 bits CPU dual interface smart card IC, providing 280KB of NVM space and 14.25KB of RAM space, which can be set as code and data space according to the user. It is suitable for contactless /contact smart card applications, such as ID card, bank card, etc.

Compatible with ISO/IEC14443 Type A protocol, the card can be operated by a standard Type A reader. It is also compatible with ISO/IEC 7816 protocol.For software development convenience, the IC provides hardware DES/ TRNG/ CRC/ PKE, which effectively save the amount of software code and transaction processing time.

For better security and reliability, the IC provides enhanced security features, e.g., Electrical Environment Detectors, and Anti-SPA/DPA protections.


In the case of a contact-type IC chip card, a cavity is milled into a conventional plastic card and then the corresponding chip is inserted with an adhesive. To do this, the plastic card must comply with ISO standard ISO-7816 and have a minimum thickness of 0.8mm or 800μ. Simple memory chips or cryptographic processor chips for secure applications can be used.


Development Toolkits:
ULINK2 Emulator
TMC target board
Demo project and API (Application Program Interface) codes
User Manual and Application Notes

ISO/IEC 7816 Slave interface:
Support T=0/T=1 protocol
Support 11 baud rates: F/D = 11H, 12H, 13H, 18H, 91H, 92H, 93H, 94H, 95H, 96H, 97H
ISO/IEC 7816 interface DMA
3BH and 60H are sent automatically by hardware
Support GSM power consumption standards


ISO/IEC 14443 interface:
Compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
Support baud rates: - Normal rate: 106 kbit/s - Enhanced rates: 212 kbit/s, 424 kbit/s,

Support Crypto1

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